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Structure of Steel Gate Valve Testing

Cast steel gate valve gate is the discs, the gate movement direction perpendicular to the flow direction, gate valves only as full open and full closed, not conditioning and throttle. There are two gate sealing surface, two of the most commonly used mode of gate valve sealing surface of wedge-shaped, wedge-shaped angle with the valve parameters vary, usually 50, medium temperature not higher to 2 ° 52. "

1. equipment Qian must view valve cavity within and key cover, parts, not allows has dirt real or sand grain attached;

2. the convergence parts bolt, needs uniform twist tight;

3. view filler parts needs pressure tight, both ensure filler of sealed sex, also to ensure gate Board open sensitive;

4. user in equipment valve Qian, has necessary correction valve type, convergence scale and the attention media flows, ensure and valve needs consistency;

5. user in equipment valve Shi, has necessary reserved valve drive of necessary space;

6. Drive wiring shall be carried out according to the circuit diagram

7. gate valves need regular maintenance, are not free to bump and knead, to avoid affecting the seals.