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Oilfield Valve Leakage Problem

Valves is one vital part of oil facilities,for gathering and transportation system especially, valve’s application is more wide. The oil field entered high-water-cut development stage at present, the high-water-cut’s corrosion for valves is increasingly serious, the leakage of the valves appeared frequently.

The knack to deal with oil field valve’s leakage are as bellow :

1. Change the valves’ packing sealing to the combination sealing of oil sealing,packing sealing etc,

2. During the process of assemble, remain some space in the packing box, add a compression spring between the oil sealing under section and remaining packing to makes the compression spring have a upward force for oil sealing and a downward force for packing.

Add a asbestos mat between packing gland and packing box, finally makes the packing gland and packing box fit closely through the packing gland bolts, which putted an end to the leakage during the production process after a period of popularization and application, prolonged the maintenance period , reduced the worker’s labor intensity and avoided the occurrence of crude oil pollution