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The Difference and Common Point for Gate Valve, Ball Valve and Butterfly Valve

Gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve their difference and common, you all know?

Gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve is commonly used on the pressure vessel valves, they have a different role, where is the difference, you know?


The valve body has a flat plate and the media flow direction vertical, flat up and down to achieve opening and closing.

Features: good air tightness, small fluid resistance, opening and closing force is small, versatile, but also a certain regulation of flow performance, generally applicable to large diameter pipes.

Ball valve

The use of an intermediate hole in the spool as the spool, by rotating the ball to control the opening and closing.

Features: The structure is relatively simple, small size, small fluid resistance, can replace the role of the gate valve.

Butterfly valve

The opening and closing member is a disc-shaped valve which rotates around a fixed shaft in the valve body.

Features: simple structure, small size, light weight, suitable for the production of larger diameter valve. As the sealing structure and materials are still problems, it is only used for low pressure, for conveying water, air, gas and other media!

Butterfly valve plate and ball valve spool are around their axis for the rotary motion; gate valve plate is moving along the axis of the movements; butterfly valve and gate valve can adjust the flow through the opening; ball valve is not easy to do this.

1, the ball valve sealing surface is spherical

2, butterfly valve sealing surface is a circular cylindrical surface

3, the gate valve sealing surface is flat.